What can technical communication professionals learn from their information design colleagues?

The title of the 2014 Information Design Conference, which I attended earlier this week, was “Information Design Matters”. The conference was two days packed with presentations on all aspects of information design, and I came away with the feeling that information design really does matter, and it’s something that technical communicators should be more aware of.

I think I was the only technical communication professional at the conference, which is strange, as the two disciplines have so much in common, and there are also some illuminating differences. I can’t possibly summarise the conference in this brief article, but I’d like to look at the similarities and differences, as they relate to my own experience, and what I think we can and must learn from the information design profession. Continue reading

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Tech Comm Needs to Talk Business

In a recent blog post reflecting on TCUK Ellis Pratt recounted the fairy tale style story he’d spoken about at the much-loved “rants” session. Continue reading

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How to run a #techcomm conference

People have been saying some very kind things to me about TCUK 2013, so I thought I might share my experiences to help others who might want to do something similar in the future. Continue reading

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Attention: Tech Writer at UX Event!

I have often felt that tech comm people and UX people share many common concerns. Both groups are primarily concerned with the way products (including websites) are used by people outside the creating organisation. Both jobs involve some degree of technical aptitude, but neither job is purely coding. Both professions are deeply involved in the world of hi-tech but are, unfortunately, sometimes looked down upon by some of the people who write code for a living and see themselves alone as “pure” technologists. Continue reading

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